We are a young, dynamically developing company engaged in nature-friendly technologies for power engineering, water treatment and industry.

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New Age Technologies s.r.o. with its long-term conceptual work, is engaged in development, production and supplies focused on delivering cutting-edge solutions for a large part of the gas and manufacturing industry and for and ecology .

The company is also working with a very strong development department and cooperates with universities, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and eminent experts in the area of gas cleaning and treatment where it focuses primarily on the potential of obtaining and using Biomethane in energetics and transport.

Company policies

Company policies

When purchasing any of our technology we guarantee a 100% quality result!


New age technologies


In cooperation with foreign partners, we are able to deliver the desired target technology in the shortest possible time.


Due to our long-term cooperation with universities, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and foreign partners, we are able to offer the ideal economic solution tailored to the needs of the customer.


Maintaining long-term relationships, providing creative solutions, and tireless efforts to overcome expectations is our passion and goal. 

The offered technologies


The New Age technologies company offers our customers the turnkey systems. All the products that we offer are fully supported by the production groups, so you can be sure of full background facilities including installation, technology start-up and after-sales service.

Hollow fibre membranes 
  • Nitrogen membrane modules – The highest efficiency and flow available on the market. We offer a complete system using membrane modular structures.

  • Oxygen membrane modules - Various modules for highly specialized applications.

  • Membrane dehydration modules - these modules are used to suppress dew point in compressed air systems.

  • Process gas membrane modules - These modules are very widely used in the petrochemical industry. A

Adsorption technology
  • Nitrogen PSA products are used in thousands of applications around the world. The systems are installed globally in almost all possible markets.

  • PSA oxygen - the largest selection in market for high pressure PSA and low pressure VSA and VPSA

  •  Compressed air dryers operate on the same principle as PSA technology. We offer a complete product range of standard dryers and we make possible to customize the product to unique applications.


Advanced separtion technics for waste water
  • Water treatment in industry includes advanced technological methods and processes that convert contaminated water into water that can be further exploited in industrial production. In terms of quality of water produced, New Age Technologies s.r.o. offers technology for adaptations for technical, utility, demineralized and ultra-pure water. Regarding the water source we standardize the surface water treatment plants (river, rains, ponds), groundwater (pits, deep wells), waste water - recycling and also for salted water - brackish. Reverse osmosis technology lines can also be used to desalinate seawater. From the point of view of applications, we create technologies for power plants - boiler rooms, heating plants, power stations as well as cooling water, hot water and steam management. The industrial sectors are mainly: tertiary waste water treatment, food industry (dairies, breweries, meat processing, winemaking), chemical industry, surface treatment, automotive, laundries, machinery, textile industry, glass industry.


Separation of gases and gas treatment
  • We offer a range of gas processing products that are uniquely designed and built to meet customer expectations.

  • We use patented hollow fibre membranes and absorbent technology for custom-made design systems that meet unique customer requirements.

Environmental solutions
Based on our knowledge of gas separation and compression technology, we offer a variety of systems for the following applications:   
  • Recovery of vapors and escape emissions
  • Biomass recovery / landfill
  • Cleaning biologically contaminated wastewater
  • Cleaning chemically contaminated wastewater
  • Technology for technical, utility, demineralised and ultra-pure water.
  • Reverse osmosis technology lines
Compressor systems 
Low pressure systems (27 "hg - 100 psig / 6.9 bar) are offered to a large segment of the chemical industry, waste processing and the environment.
Medium pressure compression systems (150 / 10.3 bar - 500 psig / 34.5 bar) are offered for unique, highly specific requirements for work in the oil, gas and chemical industries. These systems are offered in a stacked or DNV-certified container system.
High Pressure Compressor Systems (500 psig / 34.5 bar - 5,000 psig / 344 bar) offered for unique, highly specific requirements for work in the oil, gas and chemical industries. These systems are offered in a stacked or DNV-certified container system 
BOD and COD water treatment

 We have a complete range of MBR and AnMBR reactors designed specifically for waste water purification and water re-use. We approach each project individually. We use chemical, physically-chemical and biological methods for wastewater treatment. We have experience with projects ranging from 4 - 85,000 EP.

Biomethane usage

Belongs to a new source of biofuel of second generation with the lowest emissions per mileage. Try to invent together with us new opportunities in implementation of projects in construction or utilization of biogas stations, sludge management from wastewater treatment plants and landfill gas.

We use our expertise in absorption and membrane technology to effectively remove CO2, H2S, siloxane, water vapour and other trace gases in the production of Biomethane to the level of natural gas.




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